pest update by george edgar  June 2006

          Now is the time to begin control of grasshoppers.  Adult grasshoppers are difficult to control with insecticides due to their size and decreased susceptibility to the insecticides.  The best time to control grasshoppers is during the 3rd and 4th instars when they are to inch long.  These stages will occur in mid to late June. 

          Recommended active ingredients for products designed for grasshopper control in and around the yard and garden are: carbaryl (Sevin), Acephate (Isotox), Malathion, Bifenthrin (Ortho MAX), and permethrin (Eight). 

          For organic control use Nosema locustae (Nolo Bait).  NOLO BAIT is nosema locustae spores sprayed on wheat bran which can be spread around the yard and garden and is non-toxic to humans, livestock, wild animals, birds, fish or life forms not closely related to grasshoppers.  Death will begin to occur in 3 to 6 weeks.  Re-apply bait every 4 weeks until end of summer. Copyright 2006