I need a tall plant for a North Window?

Diffenbachia, also called dumbcane prefers bright light and will grow more compact there but it does quite well in a North window.  They are not a blooming plant but have so many different leaf shades and markings, making them a “Fun” plant to have. 

Water them well when you do but don’t let water stand in the saucer.  Let the soil dry somewhat before you water again.  Fertilize every two weeks during the summer and less during the short days of winter.  How often you water and fertilize varies depending upon the type of soil, the amount of light, and the humidity in your house. 

Be careful as some people are allergic to these plants, especially the sap.  They are named dumbcane because the sap will swell your tongue and inhibit your speaking if you get the sap in your mouth from your hand. 

Dumbcane will grow to the ceiling and then bend over and keep on going if not pruned.  You can cut them down to the pot and new plants will come up.  You can also cut the top off, place a short piece of the tip in a growing medium in a pot and slowly have a new plant.  (Gladys)

 For more information see NebGuide #91-1022 (Guide to Growing Houseplants) and/or NebGuide #87-837 (Guide to Selecting Houseplants).

NebGuides are available on the internet. Go to www.ianrhome.unl.edu/search and type in the name of the plant, or the subject, or the number of the publication.

April 3, 2004