Flowers are the usual gift for Valentine’s Day. If you get cut flowers, be sure to make them last as long as possible.  The most important factor in cut flower longevity is fresh water, according to the Extension Service at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. “Change the water in the vase every day, or at least every other day.  Rinse the stems off each day to remove stem rotting organisms which may grow in the water.  Keep the flowers displayed in a cool environment, out of drafts.” (1)

          Flowers and flower colors have long been used to express one’s feelings or sentiments.  Red roses for example express love and respect. Other sentiments can be conveyed by other flower colors.  The following chart from the All-American Rose Selection website (2) provides a list of sentiments associated with various colors:

                   ROSE COLOR              SENTIMENT OR MEANING

·        Red                                Love and Respect

·        Deep Pink                      Gratitude and Appreciation

·        Light Pink                      Admiration and Sympathy

·        White                             Reverence and Humility

·        Yellow                           Joy and Gladness

·        Orange                           Enthusiasm and Desire

·        Red and Yellow Blend   Gaiety and Joviality

·        Yellow                           Sociability and Friendship

If you are going to give a plant or cut flowers to your Valentine, be sure and cover it with a paper sack when you take it to the car or take it from the car into the house. Any green plant or cut flower will suffer if taken out of a warm store or warm car if the air temperature is below 55 degrees F. That short distance from the store to the car or from the car to the house can damage a plant or flowers if not covered and they will not last as long. If the air temperature is between 55 degrees F. and 36 degrees F. you need at least 1 paper sack. (Do not use plastic as it conducts the cold.) Use two bags if the air temperature is between 36 degrees F. and 15 degrees F. Use 3 bags if the air temperature is 15 degrees F. or below. Also do not leave your plant or flowers in the car while you go shopping. Make this purchase at your last stop and get them into a warm house or office as soon as possible.

          Most holiday plants come wrapped and adorned with foil wrapping. These pot covers are very pretty but they hold too much water near the plant roots. If the plant is wrapped, simply poke three or four holes in the bottom of the wrap or cut a slice in the bottom with a paring knife, so the water will drain out into a saucer when watered.

          The number one problem most people have with indoor plants in the winter is over watering.  Plants do not use as much water in the winter so make sure you check the soil before adding water.


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(1) Lincoln Journal Star Newspaper Sunday edition, July 2008.